Avant garde artist produces exhibition of ‘decent landscapes’

25 Jan

Zig's latest work, "The Cruel Fate Which Awaits"

“I was tired of doing stuff that no-one ‘got’,” said artist Zig. Recently split from his business partner Zag, Zig’s foray into classical landscape art has shocked critics and fans of his work alike.

Zig’s mum, present at the exhibition, described the work as, “Better than the time he cut off his cock and danced around with it.”

His Aunty Maud, also in attendance, said, “I think it’s very nice.” Although it turned out later she thought we were referring to the latest episode of Eastenders.

As yet critics have had a guarded response. “What does it mean?” said Bob Beerly from The GridIron. “I mean, is it an ironic response to society’s expectations? Is he making a comment on the fact that there is no such thing as the avant garde anymore?

“I think he’s a visionary,” says gallery owner Raquel Gruezenberg. “He’s clearly alluding to the fact that the pedestrian, the dull, the bland have now become avant garde as society becomes inured to shock tactics.”

Socialite Beedee Brock said, “Everyone’s waiting to see what the right interpretation will turn out to be. He’s either a genius or a no-talent ponce.”

“He’s a ponce,” said Zag.

The Landscapes of My Youth, an Exhibition by Zig can be seen at the Obvious gallery in Chelsea.

“Who is that Man and What does he Want from Me?”

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