Method Actor lives role for 30 years in preparation for movie

2 Feb
Movie poster for The Emancipation of Felix Penderhausen

Poster for Likowski's film

Visionary art house director Stan Likowski’s long-awaited film The Emancipation of Felix  Penderhausen, will at last be shown at London’s Flabberghast theatre.

The epic film, said to run to 22 hours and 15 min with 6 breaks for intermission, has been a labour of love for the director.
“I didn’t know how to cut it. Every second was life, was truth, was Felix,” said a tearful Likowski at last night’s premiere.

47- year- old actor Bob Munchen took the role of the eponymous everyman very seriously.
“I’m a slave to my craft. I had to get under the skin of Felix, an IT consultant for Costco. We started filming when I was 17. Naturally I had to go to university, as Felix would have, and studied IT for 3 years.”

Q: What will you do now that the movie is completed?

BM: Costco’s given Felix a raise so I thought I might stay on there. I’ve got a staff card. Have you any idea how hard those are to get hold of? Like gold dust. Or crack.


BM: Those allegations are unfounded.

Q: In 1989 ‘Felix’ married ‘Imelda’ (played by actress Zenda Kale) were you and Zenda close?

BM: ‘Felix’ loved ‘Imelda’ but I find Zelda quite annoying so…in any case she’s been sleeping with Stan for the last 5 years.

Q: Oh?

BM: Yes, he lived with us. The kids called him Uncle Stanley.

Q: You’re referring to the two children born during filming? How have they been affected?

BM: It was confusing for them, but they understand the process must come first. For instance when little Jenny was 12 Stan decided that her character ‘Maud’ would have braces. Jenny’s teeth were perfect but she got the braces. Four years she had them. None of it made it onto the final film, but still.

Q: Will there be a sequel to The Emancipation of Felix Penderhausen?

(phone rings)

BM: Sorry, I have to take this, it’s Costco.

The Emancipation of Felix Penderhausen is playing at selected theatres across the UK.

woman with baby in supermarket

A highly charged scene from the film


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